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Specialist Services

Whether it is condition, volume or texture issues we have a hair solution for you.  Our technical hair services include Olaplex, the Nanokeratin hair system and  Yuko hair straightening and Defrizz.

Olaplex is the one ground breaking  ingredient that changes everything! 


  • Add  to colour your service in order to achieve results that have never been possible before

  • Use as a stand alone treatment to repair damaged and weak hair

  • Use at home to maintain integrity of the hair


Over time the bonds in the hair become broken and weak. This can be due to many things including colour services and styling. Olaplex links broken bonds allowing the hair to become stronger again and prevent breakage.


Olaplex gives more flexibility with colour services so that you can achieve the colour of choice whilst maintaining the integrity of the hair and colours last longer too!


Olaplex stand alone hair repair treatment £60

Olaplex  as part of a colour service is priced upon quotation

Olaplex part 3 home care £30





  • Do you have Frizzy hair?

  • Course thick hair?

  • Unruly curly hair?

  • Damaged hair?

  • Chenically treated hair?

  • Dull hair with no shine?


If the answer is YES to any of the above then Nanokeratin is for YOU!

Nanokeratin is designed using the latest technology and will smooth, nourish and defrizz and protect hair.


With results lasting up to 16 weeks Nanokeratin is suitable for coloured, sensitised, frizzy hair and will restore hair to being perfectly smooth, lustrous, frizz free and manageable.


Price for a full head from £80


  • Are you fed up with straightening and damaging your hair just because you want straight hair?

  • Does your hair turn to an unruly mess the moment you get hot or your hair gets damp?


If so Yuko Japanese hair straightening is the perfect option to suit your needs.  

Yuko is recognised as the leading brand of chemical hair straightening and will allow you to enjoy low maintenance shiny and hassle free straight hair.


Unlike the straightening systems of the past Yuko gives a fully straight and permanent result.  

Prices are from £300 to £400

After Yuko you can expect the results to last and you will only need to have your Yuko applied to the new hair as it grows down around 6 to 8 months months later.

Top up prices are from £250


To rebuild and strengthen the structure of your hair we recommend

To de-frizz your hair making it manageable we recommend

To have

permanently hassle free straight hair we recommend